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CEOnetworking has proven to be a very rewarding experience for all the CEOs that have attended the meetings over the years. The ability to meet with a group of CEO peers to discuss tough issues and new approaches to problems has been a valuable tool to our members.Over the years, we have had many requests to open the organization to other C-level executives and to expand CEOnetworking around the world.


The partners at CEOnetworking have decided to
split the organization so we can serve the needs
of Silicon Valley CEOs as well as CXOs worldwide.

The CEO only group will be led by Thomas Hong and will be called “Board of CEOs."
This group will only be opened to top executives with profit and loss management responsibilities including CEO, COO, GM, and president of companies.

For complete information about the Board of CEOs group
go to the web site at: http://boardofceos.com

The C-level group will be led by Mitchell Levy and will be called "CXOnetworking”. This group will be open to all C-level executives in Silicon Valley and is specifically designed to bring in a cross-functional perspective..

For complete information about CXOnetworking
go to the web site at: http://CXOnetworking.com


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