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Executives working in Silicon Valley -home to numerous high technology businesses- face the complex challenges of adapting to:

  • Rapid growth and changes in technology
  • Expanding globalization of technology businesses


CEOnetworking has divided into two groups which provide a way to empower high technology executives towards enhanced, profitable business operations and meet the challenges they face every day.

These two groups achieve this by:

  • Offering their business expertise and resources to member executives
  • Encouraging member executives to pool their knowledge resources for mutual benefit
  • Identifying and assisting members in developing mutually beneficial relationships-both amongst peers and with appropriate outside parties.

A CEO only group will be led by Thomas Hong and is called “Board of CEOs."
This group will only be opened to CEO, COO, GM, and president of companies.
For complete information about the Board of CEOs group go to the web site at: http://boardofceos.com

The C-level group will be led by Mitchell Levy and will be called "CXOnetworking”. This group will be open to all C-level executives in Silicon Valley and is specifically designed to bring in a cross-functional perspective. For complete information about CXOnetworking go to the web site at: http://CXOnetworking.com


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