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The CEOnetworking partnership has been dissolved as of March 31, 2007.
Please check out the partner's new sites for events.
- Mitchell Levy; CXOnetworking http://CXOnetworking.com
- Thomas Hong; Board of CEOs http://boardofceos.com


CEOnetworking's success speaks for itself through its members' experiences and referrals. Read members quotes below, or, better yet, come and check us out for yourself.

"...There's no where else you can get this honest feedback. It's worth it's weight in gold!"
Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"When we started with CEOnetworking, we were losing money. You helped us get profitable and now we’re having a growth phase. Thank you!"
John Kwan, President & CEO, Veripic


"I’ve been hungry for a place to validate, get feedback and discuss ideas. CEOnetworking is very clean, focused and genuine. It doesn't get much better than this."
Lowell Trangsrud, COO, Ditech Communications

"These meetings are very useful. In addition to focusing on my issues, I really enjoy hearing other people's issues."
Tim Lundeen, CEO & Founder, WebCrossing, Inc.

"I was skeptical in the beginning, I have lots of things to do, however, I'm glad I came. The issue I brought up was one that I was not comfortable talking to anyone else about. It was great to hear different perspectives."
Ajit Gupta, President & CEO, Speedera

"...I have seen first-hand how CEOnetworking provides practical ways of solving common problems..."
Fred Greguras, Sponsoring Attorney from Fenwick & West

"...Leveraging the experience of high tech executives can be a valuable asset…"
Sam Bhaumik, Sr VP Comerica's N. California Technology & Life Sciences Div.

"This has been useful for me in the context of discussing the issues I have, and having some direction or validation on the path I'm going..."
Hung Nguyen, President & CEO, LogiGear Corporation

"I have found the other CEOs to be extremely warm, giving, and available for advice."
Valerie Swisher, President & CEO, Oak Hill Publications

"...The quality of both the participants and the ensuing discussion was impressive."
Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, CEO & Founder, Kirtas Technologies, Inc

"I got a lot of great ideas and wrote down 10 things I hadn’t even thought of. I created a great list of things to execute on my business."
Mike Hatam, President, Moyo Group

"...I would highly recommend CEOnetworking as an executive resource …"
Dan Moran, Vice President, DCI

"... This is a very open forum with a great number of perspectives. I could really go out there and say things without being second-guessed."
Balaji Pitchaikani, Managing Director, ITF Global Partners

"Very good, very helpful. Great to get constructive feedback from peers..."
Michael Griego, CEO, MXL Partners

"I get a lot out of CEOnetworking, it has dramatically changed my company.."
Bob Glas, Founder and CEO, TracNologies, Inc.

"This is how the 'real' work gets down. Great energy! Great diversity of backgrounds!..."
Beverly Rindfleisch, CBC, Principal, Reesults

"...it is well worth it! I got a lot of ideas of what to do. It's also great to listen to others and to realize that we're not alone out there."
Cindi Allen , CEO, Packaging Results, Inc.

"It was fascinating. Wonderful. Lots of great suggestions! I started thinking about other business models that I should be thinking about today vs. waiting for the future."
Steven Yang, President & CEO, Mathtime



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