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The CEOnetworking partnership has been dissolved as of March 31, 2007.
Please check out the partner's new sites:

- Thomas Hong; Board of CEOs http://boardofceos.com
- Mitchell Levy; CXOnetworking http://CXOnetworking.com


CEOnetworking with peers is an excellent opportunity available to CEOs, Presidents, CXOs, General Managers, Business Owners, and executives with profit and loss responsibility. Two groups offer the benefits of networking for high-level executives.

The C-level group will be led by Mitchell Levy and will be called "CXOnetworking”. This group will be open to all C-level executives in Silicon Valley and is specifically designed to bring in a cross-functional perspective. For complete information about CXOnetworking go to the web site at: http://CXOnetworking.com

A CEO only group will be led by Thomas Hong and is called “Board of CEOs."
This group will only be opened to CEO, COO, GM, and president of companies.
For complete information about the Board of CEOs group go to the web site at: http://boardofceos.com

Some of the benefits of both groups include:

  • Access to the expertise and opportunities of the partners, associate partners, and sponsors
  • Access to other CEOs or CXOs collective experience and opportunities in exchange for sharing your personal expertise
  • Ability to meet and discuss business and management issues and brain-storm ideas with 6-10 CEOs or CXOs every month
  • Coaching and consulting provided by a partner or associate partner
  • Opportunity to make a funding pitch to a small group of CEOs and receive valuable constructive feedback from your peers.

Executives need opportunities to vent frustrations or brainstorm ideas in a neutral environment that does not exist within their company. No matter what we say, the best way to understand your specific benefits from Boardofceos.com or CXOnetworking.com is to experience it.


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