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The CEOnetworking partnership has been dissolved as of March 31, 2007.
Please check out the partner's new sites for events.
- Thomas Hong; Board of CEOs http://boardofceos.com
- Mitchell Levy; CXOnetworking http://CXOnetworking.com


Who can join CEOnetworking?

  • CEOs, Presidents, CXOs, General Managers, Business Owners, and executives with profit and loss management responsibilities.

Why should I join CEOnetworking?

  • The primary purpose of CEOnetworking is to provide CEOs with an opportunity to network with other CEOs. In many cases, when you're faced with a difficult business decision or problem that may be similar to one that another CEO in the group has faced before, you can benefit immensely from the shared knowledge and experience of the other peer members within your group.
  • In addition, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Partners. At least one of the Partners or Associate Partners are always present at the monthly meetings to facilitate the meetings and provide their expertise as needed. In addition, partners are available outside the meeting for consultation on specific issues.
What is unique about CEOnetworking? (How is it different from other networking organizations?)
  • Our rates are highly competitive and we offer you the best value for your money.
  • Our meetings are qualitative, productive, and goal oriented as we focus on two factors:
    • Facilitating a good meeting: No sales pitches, people do not ramble or monopolize the floor; and we tie together the threads of the conversation.
    • Peer Participation: When we can put peers in the room, the members can benefit from what others have to offer in terms of the issues, challenges, and brain-stormed ideas they bring up as well as contribute to and learn from the feedback of others.
  • Our meetings are not focused around a specific "educating expert". Instead, the virtual board of experienced CEO members is our core resource.
    • Reason: in Silicon Valley, one has the choice to attend over 1,000 monthly educational events. So, it's easy to get educated.
    • We do, however, highlight key educational events that would be useful for our members to attend.
  • When out of town, members are allowed to send a representative staff member.

How do the meetings work?

  • The primary purpose of our meetings is to discuss issues important to the members of that particular group. This is how each meeting works:
    • All attendees get to present their 30-second elevator pitch. The pitch typically gets better over time.
    • Prior to each meeting, if appropriate, the Partner/facilitator will discuss potential topics with each participating member.
    • During the meeting, each member is invited to introduce a specific business issue, concern or brain-storm for discussion. All the other members and the Partners present act as a "Virtual Board" offering opinions, advice, and referral contacts of other potential resources.
    • At the end of the meeting, we review the highlights of the meeting and often break into smaller groups to have more in depth discussions.


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