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The CEOnetworking partnership has been dissolved as of March 31, 2007.
Please check out the partner's new sites:

- Thomas Hong; Board of CEOs http://boardofceos.com
- Mitchell Levy; CXOnetworking http://CXOnetworking.com

Silicon Valley is home to some of the world's largest concentration of high tech entrepreneurs engaged in Start-up ventures. Starting up a high tech business can be extremely challenging for any entrepreneur, and is especially so for first timers. Various focus groups and organizations have been established in recent years to assist these future leaders of the high tech industry.

CEOnetworking is an organization that is positioned to provide unprecedented valuable assistance to entrepreneurs. The key promoting factors are

  • The substantial experience and knowledge of the Partners who have started and managed many high tech businesses over the last three decades, and
  • The nature and facilitation of networking among its members

Start-up businesses have many needs that are often difficult to satisfy due to lack of resources, awareness, or personal connections. CEOnetworking offers discounted membership rates for Start-up businesses and is structured to assist in their growth by providing entrepreneurs key resources, knowledge, and global business connections.

CEOnetworking Partners act as mentors to member entrepreneurs by providing up to 3 hours per quarter of free advice and consultation on the issues and challenges facing a young company. If the entrepreneur wishes to seek further assistance from any Partner, additional paid consulting services are available at special membership rates.

Monthly group meeting of CEOnetworking members and Partners offers entrepreneurs the unparalleled opportunity to share their views and the business challenges of their venture with other experienced CEOs and the Partners. This is a mutually beneficial environment as other experienced CEOs can see the potential business opportunities and suggest how a new technology or business could complement their existing business. Possible joint ventures could develop as entrepreneurs and other CEOs exchange information on new business, technologies, marketing opportunities, and connections.

If you are a top executive of a Start-Up business and are interested in joining CEOnetworking, please complete the form on the Test-Drive a Meeting page.



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